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Event Production

Learn how we produce broadcast quality events with our network of control rooms and a team of virtual meeting experts.

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Event Production
Picking the Right Pre-Recorded Event Package For Your Next Event
Find out which of Convene’s pre-recording packages is the perfect fit for your event.
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Event Production
Elevate the Quality of Your Virtual Event With Our Pre-recording Packages
Convene Studio’s pre-recording packages take the stress out of event day while elevating your content’s production quality.
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Event Production
Using A Moderator To Ensure Successful Breakout Rooms
Our support team can moderate every aspect of a breakout room, so speakers and attendees can focus on engaging with each other instead of production details.
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Event Production
Engage Your Audience with Live Production Graphics
Elevate your main stage broadcast with our television-style on-screen themes and animated visuals.
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Event Production
Meet Convene’s Virtual Event Team
Learn how Convene’s dedicated team of experts work behind-the-scenes to bring your virtual events to life
Event Production
A Seamless Pre-Production Experience
From our 75+ point pre-production checklist to dedicated expert support, see how we power your production from start to finish.
Event Production
Experience the Difference: Our Virtual Control Room & Live Expert Support
Take a look behind the scenes of our virtual events and meet the experts who make them happen.