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Hybrid Events

Discover how we combine our network of premium meeting and event locations with our virtual platform.

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Hybrid Events
Turn Your In-person Meeting Hybrid with Event Assurance
Our new packages give planners peace of mind by allowing them to convert any physical event hybrid with ease.
Hybrid Events
Onsite Pre-recording for Hybrid Events
Elevate your content by pre-recording your presenters in one of Convene’s beautifully designed spaces.
Hybrid Events
Hybrid Solutions for Every Event Type
Learn more about our selection of hybrid event packages that were curated specifically to every type of event.
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Hybrid Events
Hybrid Event Set-Options
Explore the optimize furniture and AV set-ups we’ve created, and the level of detail we’ve gone through to make their ideal for your next event.
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Hybrid Events
Meet Convene Studio: The All-In-One Solution for Virtual & Hybrid Events
See how you can access tech, human support and our network of locations in this all-in-one solution
Hybrid Events
Building A Best-In-Class Hybrid Event Technology
How Convene is building the technology to support hybrid events of tomorrow
Hybrid Events
Hybrid Events For Your Space
Broadcasting in-person events to a remote audience is seamless with Convene Hybrid Meetings
Hybrid Events
The Future is Hybrid
Dive into our hybrid offering and discover how we’re developing tools for the future of events.