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How We Enhanced Convene Studio Breakout Sessions
Convene now owns the player and breakout interface and has full control over the evolution of the product, allowing us to continuously enhance to meet our users’ needs.
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Our Platform
Increase Participant Engagement with Virtual Networking and Chat
Convene Studio’s scalable networking and chat tools offer attendees a more integrated and meaningful way of connecting
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Our Platform
Leveraging the Agenda to Deliver Information and Drive Engagement
Convene’s Agenda Module is an easy-to-build tool you can customize for your audience, so they won’t miss a detail
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Our Platform
Creating Connections with the Speaker Module
Learn how Convene’s Speaker tool drives engagement and boosts connections for your virtual events
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Breaking Down Breakout Rooms
How to facilitate memorable small group moments during virtual meetings and events
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The Presenters Experience: Re-creating a Green Room, Virtually.
A virtual space dedicated to ensuring speakers always look and sound their best
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Ensuring A Secure & Private Virtual Event Experience
Learn about our approach to data security and how we’re safeguarding your most sensitive information.
Our Platform
A Premium Platform, Built with Our Hospitality Expertise
Explore the human-centric tools and features that will elevate your next virtual event.