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10 Must-Read Articles To Help Plan A Virtual/Hybrid Event
Our Head of Product curated a list of articles from 2021 to help any planner with their upcoming programs.
Hybrid Events
Turn Your In-person Meeting Hybrid with Event Assurance
Our new packages give planners peace of mind by allowing them to convert any physical event hybrid with ease.
Hybrid Events
Onsite Pre-recording for Hybrid Events
Elevate your content by pre-recording your presenters in one of Convene’s beautifully designed spaces.
Hybrid Events
Hybrid Solutions for Every Event Type
Learn more about our selection of hybrid event packages that were curated specifically to every type of event.
Our Platform
How We Enhanced Convene Studio Breakout Sessions
Convene now owns the player and breakout interface and has full control over the evolution of the product, allowing us to continuously enhance to meet our users’ needs.
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Our Platform
Increase Participant Engagement with Virtual Networking and Chat
Convene Studio’s scalable networking and chat tools offer attendees a more integrated and meaningful way of connecting
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Event Production
Picking the Right Pre-Recorded Event Package For Your Next Event
Find out which of Convene’s pre-recording packages is the perfect fit for your event.
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Event Production
Elevate the Quality of Your Virtual Event With Our Pre-recording Packages
Convene Studio’s pre-recording packages take the stress out of event day while elevating your content’s production quality.
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Event Production
Using A Moderator To Ensure Successful Breakout Rooms
Our support team can moderate every aspect of a breakout room, so speakers and attendees can focus on engaging with each other instead of production details.
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Event Marketing
Highlighting Your Most Important Partners
From Sponsors to new products, see how you can highlight what’s most important to your event and engage your audience in a virtual setting.