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Event Marketing
Highlighting Your Most Important Partners
From Sponsors to new products, see how you can highlight what’s most important to your event and engage your audience in a virtual setting.
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Hybrid Events
Hybrid Event Set-Options
Explore the optimize furniture and AV set-ups we’ve created, and the level of detail we’ve gone through to make their ideal for your next event.
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Event Production
Engage Your Audience with Live Production Graphics
Elevate your main stage broadcast with our television-style on-screen themes and animated visuals.
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Our Platform
Leveraging the Agenda to Deliver Information and Drive Engagement
Convene’s Agenda Module is an easy-to-build tool you can customize for your audience, so they won’t miss a detail
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Hybrid Events
Meet Convene Studio: The All-In-One Solution for Virtual & Hybrid Events
See how you can access tech, human support and our network of locations in this all-in-one solution
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Our Platform
Creating Connections with the Speaker Module
Learn how Convene’s Speaker tool drives engagement and boosts connections for your virtual events
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Event Production
Meet Convene’s Virtual Event Team
Learn how Convene’s dedicated team of experts work behind-the-scenes to bring your virtual events to life
Product Updates
Improved Insights into Your Virtual and Hybrid Events
Our comprehensive event reports deliver key insights to virtual event organizers
Product Updates
Registration and Login – Finding the Right Fit
Our virtual events platform offers seamless and secure event access
Hybrid Events
Building A Best-In-Class Hybrid Event Technology
How Convene is building the technology to support hybrid events of tomorrow