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10 Must-Read Articles To Help Plan A Virtual/Hybrid Event
by Caroline England, Head of Product

Over the better part of the last two years, the meeting and events industry has risen to its greatest challenge: translating our in-person programming tools and strategy to suit a remote audience.

With over a decade of experience working with some of the leading planners, we knew there was an opportunity to develop a solution that not only supported our clients when they needed us most, but forge a new path into our industry’s future. That’s why we utilized our experience and learnings to launch Convene Studio. Each product element in Studio is a thoughtful response that works to provide peace of mind for the planner, build connection among event participants, and leave a lasting positive impression for all in attendance. We spent this year documenting how each of these elements came to life, and how planners can leverage our expertise, tools, and service to put on their best virtual or hybrid event. If you’re thinking of planning even one virtual or hybrid event in the future, here are our top ten insights to help you get started and ultimately to put your best foot forward.

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1. Learn how our decades of experience in delivering five-star hospitality and human-centered design philosophy played a central role in defining the essence of our virtual and hybrid events platform.

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2. We knew a beautifully designed platform would only get us so far –  what makes our client’s events truly successful is our team of trusted experts. Our virtual control room and dedicated support teams were built to make a difference during a live event. From onboarding speakers, to hosting breakouts – our team owns the technical elements so you can focus on the attendees and program elements.

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3. How many vendors does it take to put on a great event? How does this number change when considering a virtual or hybrid event? With Convene Studio, clients have access to an all-in-one solution that provides true peace of mind during their event production and execution process.

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4. During the pre-production experience there are countless loose ends for planners to keep their minds on. With Convene Studio, clients can enjoy a seamless pre-production experience supported by a team that handles the technical details, production coordination, and all of the miscellaneous details so planners can focus on their people and their program.

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5. The green room is an important component of any event, and the case is no different for a virtual or hybrid program. Whether it’s to settle pre-show jitters, or handling last minute technical difficulties with a technical export, Convene Studio recreates the green room experience virtually so every detail goes to plan.

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6. No two events are the same. This is also true for hybrid events. To make the hybrid event planning and execution process simpler, we developed a series of offerings to meet any and every objective. Explore these features.

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7. Breakout rooms serve as valuable space to build connection through more intimate conversations amongst smaller groups, and this experience is just as important during a virtual or hybrid event. Learn how we enhanced Convene Studio’s breakout sessions to provide this experience.

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8. Did you know each hybrid event planned with Convene Studio offers four different physical set-options, specially designed by our interior design teams? Learn more about each option, and which look would work perfectly for your next event.

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9. Pre-recording elements of your event can help eliminate event day jitters, avoid technical difficulties, and help you have more control over messaging and timing for your next event. Read more about our packages and how they can help elevate our next virtual event.

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10. Learn more about what hybrid AV technology is and how it powers our events. Whether you’re planning a program on our properties or not, it’s an important consideration to take into account when planning.

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by Caroline England, Head of Product

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